I'm trying desperately here to keep us
from becoming a big bunch of nobodies.
And you  -- you act like some kind of
hopped-up nutcase.
Charlie hides his grin. He grabs
Teddy's handkerchief and
unsuccessfully tries to clean Teddy's
painted face.

This is the life. No clock to punch. No
boss breathing down your neck. I
love this. I love being on the road
with you guys. You're my family.
We're all just like brothers. All of us.

You're old enough to be my old man.

Put a sock in it, Hatfield. I suspect we
don't know how good we got it. We've
got everything we could possibly

Teddy, we're stranded in Cleveland.

I don't know, Charlie. I'm trapped.
In five years half you boys will be
married with kids. Where will I be?

They both face front, crushed at
the realization.

The bus rolls on.