Much to his surprise, Neal is the recipient of a
2011 People's Choice Award for Favorite
Movie Pitch for "The Dragonlore Trilogy".

However, his first love is music. His original
compositions have been used for MTV's "The
Undergrads", Noggin TV's "Radio Free
Roscoe", Comedy Central, Planet Channel and
James Cancer Hospital to name a few.

His score for "Mann in Pink Slip" received
critical acclaim at the Chicago Independent
Shorts Festival. When he's not making
indie movies or writing scripts, he
occasionally takes to the stage with
underground popsters
Go Robot, Go! – with
sweet gigs, like opening for David Byrne of
the Talking Heads, or, more typically,
entertaining fellow drunks at the local dives.

Neal graduated Magna Cum Laude from the
Ohio State University where he majored in
Journalism with minors in Economics and
Photography & Cinema.

His journalism experience includes Arts Editor
of The Ohio State Lantern, editing an
economic journal in Lithuania, Staff Writer for
The Arab News, and assorted freelance gigs
he’d rather forget.

Because of his amazing ability to keep playing
nineteen-year-olds, he has found himself
consistently cast in half-assed indie
flicks about disenfranchised youth,
zombies and/or the screaming undead.
OK OK -- add another 10 years!