Nolan -- art direction ideas:
OK -- picture this as a poster for the band. The
words would spell out ...

"Teddy Arnold  (in big letters)
and his
Blue Boys
Dance Band!"

The silhouette in the lower right - hand corner
would be of the band.
And this would be a really fun
opening  title card -- only we
would have a music staff running
under the title with an explosion of
music notes at the end -- instead
of a film strip and reel of film.
And this would be great
for the Louis Armstrong
marquee that lures Teddy
This is a backdrop for the Jimmy Lunceford
band that we should show our future art
director. This is visually stunning. Maybe one
of Teddy's bigger venues when everything is
going swell (or maybe the montage??)
For a smaller
A litte retro
here and
there ...