Dust clouds in Kansas. I
was on assignment for a
rodeo shoot and this
happened instead.
Some of the faces that stay
with me. This is Sam.
This is Caroline. Her baby
is eating the three peanuts
he found in my pocket.
And this is how the other
half lives.
At a Hollywood Party.
Gloria Vanderbilt. My
camera loves her. I think
we haven't seen the last of
Lousy focus. I have to
remember to watch the
booze when I'm working.
Some swell kids I met in
Missouri. Lighting too

Next stop ... Ohio. Not
looking forward to it.

Photographed during the
Dust Bowl Years, 1934-36. I
came across a whole country
of displaced people. They
lived in crude homes made
out of cardboard boxes and
tents. One family used mud
and a handful of cereal boxes
to make the walls of their