If I could have any night -- it'd be a night where
we're at one of the big clubs. The Palomar. And
Benny Goodman would open for
us. And we'd be so
hot out there in Hollywood they'd make a picture
about us -- except we'd get to play ourselves
because they couldn't find anyone better lookin'.
That'd be my night.
As I see it, Chick, we got three
options. Heaven? That ain't for me.
Hell? That ain't for you. That leaves
us with only one option.

What's that?

Sometimes I damn near feel like
crying I want it so bad.
Hey, Teddy, would I get arrested if I took
off my pants?

I don't want any trouble with the police

Jack takes his pants off.

What do you think you're doing, DuPree?
Get your pants back on.
God I love this band.
Dazed, he walks back to the
Starlight and faces the brick wall.
He knocks his forehead against it
and stands transfixed to the spot.

The lights from the marque filter
down on him.