Development and trials continue ...
Love the image of a strange alien hand
reaching out to Marline's hand while they're
sleeping. This probably stems from my belief
that every living, conscious being calls out for
the communication of touch. Sappy to some -
but I believe these images or moments on
screen will give the characters more heart. All
the greatest stories give you a tug in some
direction.  This is what we strive for.

Crew holds
wooden rod with
the puppets
attached to it.

They run
alongside Marline
and babies (OS).
More scribblings:  This is part of the
end montage. Marline and babies run
off into the evening sunset.

The setting is a hillside in the
mountains (probably Hocking Hills

My first thought was to find a hillside
with long grass to hide the puppets'  

Neal had the fun idea of green
screening the aliens so that they're
floating next to Marline as they run
over the hillside ... puppet legs be

We have a green screen -- and I'm
sure that our actress will absolutely
LOVE working with that. The poor
dear.   Stay tuned. More to come ...